Other Resources

For the intellectually curious, the skeptical, the information-hounds, and those who just want to dive in, I have compiled a list of my favorite resources that you might enjoy! 

Here is a link to my personal research library, where I include citations to many of the journal articles that are referenced on this site. If you are looking for content, I recommend running a keyword search through the document to help you find some interesting articles that might be helpful - 400+ articles and counting! 



From the founder of positive psychology, this book is a compelling and incredibly well-written guide to the history of the field and the vision of the future. Buy it here


The Happiness Hypothesis

The psychologist Jonathan Haidt presents a compelling case for a new vision of happiness, one that is based upon both ancient truths and modern psychology. His metaphor of the rider and the elephant is key to understanding our perplexing inability to sometimes do the things that we know are good for us. Buy it here



Barbara Fredrickson is the foremost researcher on positive emotions in the world. Here, she presents her own research, including the famous 'broaden-and-build' hypothesis, which argues that positive emotions allow us to build psychological resources and broaden our awareness of the world around us. Buy it here.