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Hey there - I'm very grateful that you are taking the time to explore my work! 

I live in San Francisco, where I work at LinkedIn as a consultant. I'm responsible for working with our largest global customers to help them to engage, hire and retain the best and the brightest talent in order to grow their businesses. Besides my core role, I do a lot of consulting and coaching for teams and leaders to drive positive cultural outcomes and results. My side gig is delivering well-being programs to employees to help them to thrive at work and beyond. Prior to LinkedIn, I worked at Deloitte as a management consultant, assisting Fortune 500 companies as they designed human resources and business strategies.

I have a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied under the founder of the field, Dr. Martin Seligman. I also serve as an assistant instructor at Penn, teaching the introductory course in positive psychology to incoming Masters students. 

In my spare time, I run an organization for women in the Bay Area called The Kindling designed to help them to apply positive psychology in their own lives in order to experience greater meaning and happiness.

In my spare spare time, I love to exercise, host dinner parties, travel to new and familiar destinations, and spend time with my beloved friends and family. I'm incredibly passionate about learning and growing - you'll always find me with at least four or five books on the go, pursuing some sort of mental or physical challenge, or (politely) begging someone to share their knowledge with me. I believe that true well-being has strong origins in the body and spirit, and am training to be a yoga teacher; I also lead meditation groups for various organizations. 

I'm obsessed with science-based insights that can help you to live a more fulfilling life and to cultivate a way of being that brings about happiness. I want to share that with you. 

Email me at stephanie.harrison13@gmail.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn. I'd love to hear from you. 

You can find my other work on websites like The Huffington Post and the Creativity Post, as well as my homebase - LinkedIn